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Treasurer. The Treasurer shall perform, in addition to such other duties as the Executive Board shall require, the following functions:

a. Maintain legal custody of all funds of the Association~

b. Prepare or cause to be prepared and sign all checks for disbursement of Association funds, and present said checks to another authorized officer for counter-signature;

c. Collect or cause to be collected all dues and member assessments;

d. Keep or cause to be kept adequate records of all receipts and disbursements of Association funds, in accordance with the methods of accounting directed by the Executive Board~

e. Keep or cause to be kept a record of all property owned by the Association;

f. Make a full report of all receipts and disbursements and of the balance remaining in the association treasury at all regular meetings of the Executive Board and of the members;

g. Cooperate with any audit called for by the Executive Board and supply any records requested in connection with any such audit;

h. Endorse all checks or other orders for payment of money made payable to the Association in the name of the Association for deposit in the Association account, and so deposit such checks or orders for payment as well as any cash receipts in the Association account;

i. Take all steps necessary to obtain and maintain for the Association tax exempt status as a labor organization with all appropriate taxing agencies.

Administration of the PAC Fund. The PAC is required to have an individual designated as the PAC Treasurer. The Treasurer shall assume that responsibility, and shall be responsible for filing campaign reports, for overall compliance with election laws, and for maintaining the required records for the PAC.

A bank account, separate from the accounts used for normal and regular Association business, must be established for PAC funds. In the event that, the PAC plans to support both candidates and ballot measures, the PAC should establish two bank accounts: 1) a candidate account; and 2) an issues account.

Distribution of Assets, if for any reason in the future, the Association votes to discontinue the PAC, any remaining funds, in their entirety, shall be distributed or disposed of by a charitable donation to the Nancy Hinds Hospice of Fresno, California, or any other organization voted on by the majority of the Executive Board at a regular Executive Board Meeting.

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